London 2007 Videos

List of videos from August 2007 

First videos: 

A squirrel somewhere

Surprise Richi

Sarah saying au revoir


Tottenham Court Road Station Me alone and scared at the underground


Famous girl:


Nikki 2

Nikki 3

The Rolling Bridge: (wikipedia link)

Rolling Bridge

Rolling Bridge preparations

The Rolling Bridge - Rolling

The Rolling Bridge - Unrolling


Picnic videos:

fast perroflauta


Sabas and Pascal fighting

Sabas and Pascal in Regent's Park

Dancing at Regent's Park

Bailando Sevillanas en Regent's Park


Some more videos:

Carnaby Street

Amadeus and Martin

Patricia and Daniel (short video)

101 - Tottenham Court Road:

101 - Tottenham Court Road (very dark)

101 - Tottenham Court Road (very short)

101 - Tottenham Court Road (very short and dark)


Cock pub:

Cock Pub me, Im, Laura, Vicent and Luca

Cock Pub, upstairs Gaston, (spanish) Patricia and drunk (german) Patricia (first time in months!) making her cute "cool indie girl" and "nice girl" faces

Cock pub upstairs, underground & fish


Even more videos:

Habitación de Richi

10450 seconds until last orders

Patricia and Daniel talking about a theory regarding Martin's ex

Daniel - Did my friends behave well?



B at class

Class with Caroline

Class - Caroline with East London accent

Class - Everyone!


Last Day at Cock Pub:

Cock Pub - Laura, Im, Aseret, Daniel

Cock Pub - Laura acomiadant-se

Cock Pub - True Story

Cock Pub - is Bavaria part of Germany?

Cock Pub - Strangest thing of his life

Cock Pub - Everything about Burschenschaften!

Cock Pub - Daniel and Patricia talking about Bavarian girls and Martin

Cock Pub - Fingernails

Cock Pub - Daniel - More about Martin and Amadeus